Atascocita Dance Academy

Dress Code

Princess Ballet dance classes:

Black or pink leotard, pink or tan footless tights, & pink ballet shoes; students will take their ballet shoes off at times, so they need to have bare feet to prevent slipping

All ballet classes: 

Black leotard, pink or tan footless tights, pink ballet shoes (split-soled preferred); pull on wrap skirts can be worn but are not required; cover-ups will need to be removed after warm-up to check alignment

Jazz, Drill Team Prep, Contemporary, and Technique:

Black leotard with leggings or booty shorts that FULLY cover your bottom (if not, tights must be worn); proper footwear: TAN jazz shoes, pirouettes, dance paws, or occasionally tennis shoes need to be worn to drill team prep, then shoes will be changed into jazz or pirouette type 

Hip Hop & Musical Theater:

Students need to wear a tight fitted shirt (to check alignment), shorts or legging pants; tennis shoes are needed for hip hop; shoes will vary for musical theater


Leotards with booty shorts or biketards are acceptable, wear tennis shoes for warm up but be prepared to take your shoes off

HAIR:Needs to be pulled back for all classes, out of your face-off your neck, so in a pony tail or braid. Hair for ballet needs to be in a high or low bun

NO:gum, food, drink (except water), or jewelry in any class

PLEASE wear a cover up in and out of the studio! Modesty is the best policy. We do not allow 2 piece practice wear to be worn. We do not buy costumes that are not age appropriate. We want full coverage on our dancers. Nothing more than a few inches of midriff (if that!) will ever show on an ADA dancer. Tights will be worn most of the time, and plunging necklines and backless costumes can find another studio; we don't buy them!