Atascocita Dance Academy

All classes will begin with a warm-up, then stretch- some will have more conditioning time depending on age and genre. Classes will consist of center work, across the floor, and/or a combination. Ballet classes will also incorporate barre work.  

*Conditioning will take on the form of traditional push up, sit ups, etc., but we also use games, specifically for the younger dancers. So, if you see your 2nd graders playing leap frog just know that they're using some serious muscles for this activity! 

*Dance combinations are often used for 2-3 weeks in each class, adding on each week. This teaches dancers to learn quickly and polish dances. We also have students use improvisation techniques to bring out their inner choreographer! We feel VERY strongly that these techniques encourage overall creativity & provides a fun & athletic outlet for kids!

Class Descriptions

Pre-K Dance: A fun combination of ballet & jazz techniques with possible beginning tumbling, ages 3-5

Kinder Combo: A fun combination of ballet & jazz techniques with possible beginning tumbling for kindergarteners

Ballet: all levels; traditional ballet curriculum taught in regard to age & ability; ballet is a precise & formal style of dance that will increase flexibility, strength, fluidity/grace, & agility

Pointe: for advanced ballet dancers with several years of experience; audition required

Jazz: all levels; a fun style of movement that helps dancers learn to articulate their bodies individual parts while working on rhythm & fast twitch muscle movement, as well as increase strength & flexibility!

Hip Hop: similar to jazz, hip hop helps dancers work on sharpening & strengthening their movements in a relaxed and fun environment 

Leaps & Turns: Dancers work on advanced skills with regard to age & ability; this is the class to take to improve specific leaps & turns as they are taught & put into combinations

Drill Team Prep: this class helps prepare middle school & high school girls interested in trying out for their dance team, students work on jazz skills, splits, kicks, etc.

Contemporary: this class has ballet beginnings but allow for a mix of other genres with freer forms, students gain fluidity & learn to interpret music

Musical Theater: this class will teach dance skills & basic staging in regards to what is needed for musicals; we will also work on performance techniques, including facials & basic acting, we will also work on basic vocal skills, but you don't have to sing well to take this class!

Acro: this class will work on tumbling skills that can be used in dance, gymnastics, & cheer; levels will be assessed at each students first class & students can be moved at anytime as skills are accomplished; please email us for a list of specific skills for levels 1,2, & 3